Mentorship Program Information

The 1-week mentorship program at The Pediatric Feeding Institute of South Florida is designed to facilitate the achievement of specific skills and goals related to the evaluation and treatment of pediatric dysphagia and feeding disorders. The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to provide the therapist ample opportunity to experience success as both a clinician and team member while participating in outpatient and intensive feeding programs. Throughout the Mentorship Program, the mentee will have access to a variety of pediatric dysphagia and feeding disorders cases with the goal of improving his/her clinical skills, self-confidence and advancing his/her professional experiences. Programs will be individualized to fit the needs of the therapist based on experience.

Teach Me To Eat

Teach me to Eat offers a wide variety of resources for therapists and families to help children with feeding disorders, including therapy resources, continuing education courses, parent seminars, educational resources, and more! Visit our website for more information!

Career Opportunities

Why work for The Pediatric Feeding Institute of South Florida?

The Pediatric Feeding Institute of South Florida is the only private practice dedicated to pediatric feeding disorders. If you want to specialize in pediatric feeding, this job is for you! We offer ongoing mentorship in pediatric feeding in a collaborative, challenging and fun working environment. Our goal is making mealtimes more enjoyable for our families!

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